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Machine Learning Engineer

The role of the Machine Learning Engineer at the company involves several key responsibilities:

  • Architecting the long-term vision of the ML/IR pipeline.

  • Building a robust MLOps pipeline to define, track, and evaluate different configurations of the ML/IR system.

  • Implementing IR and NLP techniques to improve the accuracy and reliability of our product

  • Experimenting with different methods to optimize the performance and utility of LLMs within our system.

  • Researching how novel business applications beyond search and communications can be unlocked by recent advances in ML technology.

Integrations Engineer

The ideal candidate for the Integrations Engineer role will have the following experiences and attributes:

  • Full-stack SDE with an emphasis on backend work.

  • Experience should be equivalent to a SDE II (i.e: 2-3 years of experience at least, more preferable).

  • Key job will be to help us with data integrations from different repositories.

  • Must be very comfortable with Python.

  • Must be familiar with Amazon WEb services

  • Some prior experience with web scraping (such as Selenium) highly preferred

  • Experience working with orchestration software (e.g Apache Airflow or similar) also highly preferred

We are always on the lookout for talented engineers to join our team.

If you feel you'd be a good fit for any of the roles below, please reach out.

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